Thursday, 14 May 2015

5 Things I'd Do Differently With My Next Baby

With Max turning one last month it got me thinking about how I would do things differently with baby number two. I'm not saying I would completely change how I raised Max in his first year but being a new mummy I've learnt so much, I simply want to improve on my mummy skills. I'd also like to add before any of you think I'm pregnant, I'm most definitely not, although you'll all probably know how broody I am at the moment! Anyway here's how I would do things differently with baby number two.

1. I'd allow people to help. Being the neurotic mother I am I was terrified of leaving newborn Max with anyone, even his own father! I just felt like know one could look after Max the way I could and just wasn't willing to give it a try. Next time around I will happily take up Freddie's and the grandparents offers of babysitting so I can get things done or catch up on some much needed zzzz. 

2. I want to breastfeed for a full year but I won't be so hard on myself if it doesn't happen. Breastfeeding was such a struggle for me, Max wouldn't latch on properly and when he did it was the most painful thing I'd ever experienced. After my traumatic birthing experience I was simply exhausted and wasn't willing to carry on with it. I pumped and pumped but the whole pumping routine wasn't working for me either, it was all a bit time consuming. Within two weeks of breastfeeding I was done and I was SO hard on myself about it, I even felt ashamed feeding Max with a bottle in public. Next time around I will push through breastfeeding and see whether I can make it to a year and even if it doesn't work out I'll give myself a pat on the back for trying.  

3. I'd wait until 6 months before I start weaning. Weaning as a first time mummy is super exciting, I couldn't wait to get Max onto solids. Little did I know it was extremely time consuming meal planning and prepping/batch cooking his meals. Don't get me wrong I absolutely loved experimenting with foods but I really wish I had waited and enjoyed how easy it was having a baby only on milk and not both! However if my baby does show signs of wanting solids I will of course start weaning a little earlier than 6 months.

4. I will NOT introduce a dummy. Max's dummy is a right pain in the bum! He cries for it throughout the night, which means I have to stumble into his room at 3am fumbling around in his cot trying to find it. It's my own doing and I never should have given one to him or I should have weaned him off him sooner. I think as a new sleep deprived mummy with a newborn you're willing to try anything when your baby just won't sleep or screams blue murder.

5. And finally I won't worry so much and actually enjoy my time with my squishy newborn. I'm the biggest stress head and worry about everything. Next time around I'm going to go with the flow and not be so uptight and anal about everything. Whether it's putting the baby into a routine, if he/she sleeps through the night etc. I just want to enjoy every second with both my babies because it's crazy how quick time flies. Next thing you no they will be packing their bags for university and leaving me high and dry! 

What are your 5 things you'll do differently with your next baby?


Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Hello you lovely lot! I popped into Waitrose on Monday and picked up a few essentials we needed. So as a bonus video for you all I thought I would share what I got.  Please let me know if you like these types of videos and I'll do one once a week :)

Friday, 8 May 2015


My April favourites! Sorry this video is a bit late Maxi has been suffering from a horrible ear infection. He's feeling a lot better now so I'll be posting videos once a week again, whoop! I hope you enjoy this weeks video. Please give my little video a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE to my channel :) 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Max's First Birthday Party

My once baby boy is now a one year old toddler! To celebrate this huge milestone Freddie and I threw Max a garden party birthday bash. We invited all of our close friends and family, fired up the BBQ, made a massive vat of Pimms and we were ready to party the afternoon away!

Here are a few pics from the big day! Thank you to everyone who came and made it a day to remember x

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


With Max's first birthday celebrations officially over (sob) I've finally managed to find the time to film my Q&A video. I really didn't think I'd have one question but I had quite a few, yay! Thank you to everyone who had a question to ask me and I hope you enjoy it :)

Thanks for watching!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

The First Year

From the moment I was wheeled in for an emergency c section exactly one year ago today I knew I was in for a roller coaster ride of emotions and physicality. Max's first year on this earth has been the biggest learning experience. Before Max I had no idea how to change a nappy, make up a bottle, how excruciatingly painful breastfeeding was, how living off zero sleep turned me into a crazy woman, the list goes on. Every stage of Max's first year has been a complete world wind from his first true smile to him saying 'mumma' and 'dadda' for the very first time, the copious amounts of poo explosions again the list goes on. I cannot explain in words how much this little boy has changed our lives for the better. From a selfish girl who's life goal was to have this seasons mulberry handbag into a selfless woman who only exists to teach and show her child the right path in life.

Looking back I wish I had savoured his newborn first few months. Completely fatigued I dreamt of my little baby crawling, walking and playing with his toys sitting up. I never relished his squishy face, the amount of sleepless nights, the constant feeds, how much he slept during the day or how small and helpless he was. I suppose as a first time mummy you dream of a full nights sleep, less feeds and for your baby to give something back to you. Whilst writing this now I can feel myself tearing up. I just wish I had been in the moment a little bit more and listened to people when they annoyingly said 'he won't be this small forever' 'they grow so quickly' and 'don't wish his life away' damn you people, you're always right!

Max at one year of age is now a crawling machine, he understands what I'm saying when I talk to him, he points to birdies and cuddles me, his favourite film is Tangled, he has a wardrobe his daddy dreams of, he laughs at the silliest of things and most importantly is turning into the happiest little boy. Where exactly did my baby go? 

My hopes and dreams for Max is he stays a happy boy, he always smiles and he takes every opportunity that comes his way. I cannot believe in the next year he'll be walking, stringing sentences together, saying hello and goodbye, going on his first summer holiday and possibly starting nursery a few afternoons a week. He may even have a little brother and sister to play with, who knows! 

I never truly understood what love was until Max came along. I never truly understood how grateful I am for my own mother until Max came along. I never truly understood how much I love his father since Max came along, seeing them both together makes my heart burst with love and gratitude for how lucky I am to be blessed with such a gorgeous family.  What I do know and what I've know from the moment I fell pregnant, I'm happy and grateful I have Max in my life because without him I wouldn't feel so fulfilled and excited for each new day.

Maxi when you're able to read this I want to let you know I'm SO proud of you and I love you to the moon and back. Happy first birthday my darling, let's make year number two the best one yet!


Tuesday, 31 March 2015


For this weeks vlog I thought I would share a day in the life of an 11 month old baby. I hope you enjoy the video and please don't forget to subscribe :)