Tuesday, 27 January 2015

WIN Tickets For The Baby Show 2015

When pregnant with Maxi I really wanted to go to The Baby Show but for some reason or other I couldn't go. This year I've got my ticket and I'm raring to go with my credit card at the ready!

The Show is being held at the London ExCel between Friday 20th-Sunday 22nd February. It's a must-attend event for new and expectant parents providing everything needed for bump, baby and you including all the essentials, alongside the latest, innovative products and not-on-the high street brands. This year it will incorporate The Work & Family Show, which isdedicated to providing expert advice, solutions and ideas for managing work and family life, and helping to kick startcareers after having a family. 

If you fancy coming along, I am giving away 2 pair's of tickets to the lucky winners, tickets are usually £20 per person. 

All you have to do is;

1. Follow me on Twitter 
2. Like my Facebook page
3. Enter below via rafflecopter.

I'll be announcing the lucky winners on Sunday 8th February via Twitter and Facebook so keep a look out incase it's you!

Good luck :)

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Weaning: 6-9 Months

Weaning for me was always something exciting about having a baby, being able to explore foods and dabble with first tastes. Our weaning journey from 6-9 months has been fun but also challenging as Max had a very sweet tooth and liked to dismiss a lot of savoury purees, but through my persistence to get him to enjoy vegetable puree's he now has one a day and really enjoys them.

Starting out at 6 months old I pureed pretty much everything for Max and I was far too scared about babyled weaning (BLW) I just couldn't understand how he was supposed to chew without any teeth. As it's taken Max a whole 9 months to get his first teeth I had to kinda except that we needed to start finger foods as it just wasn't fair my hang ups were affecting Max's weaning journey. I've also quickly come to realise that babies gums are extremely strong and the volumes of saliva produced to turn a stick of cheese into mushiness is amazing. 

If you're worried about finger foods like I was, here's a list of finger foods Max loves tried and tested.

Finger Foods
Slices of banana 
Apple - I take the skin off for him as he struggles a bit.
Cherry tomatoes - sliced in half
Grapes - again sliced in half 
Dried apricots 
Carrots- steamed until slightly soft
Sweet corn
Toast - with hummus/butter/banana/avacado 
Little Yeo's yogurts - I like to give him a spoon and the pot to feed himself
Cheddar cheese

I'm sure there's a few more on our list that I can't remember, we've dabbled with quite a number of finger foods so it's hard to always remember. Here's a link to a list of finger foods a 6-9 month old can enjoy.

Organix - Organix offer an amazing range of finger foods and Max loves them. My mind is at rest with these foods as they dissolve in his mouth, I would highly recommend Organix when starting out with finger foods. 

Banana biscuits
Sweetcorn rings
Tomato puffs
Carrot puffs

Foods we will be trying soon
Boiled egg/scrambled egg
Peanut butter on toast
Vegetable muffins 
Banana bread 
Homemade fish fingers
Homemade potato/sweet potato wedges 
Rice Pudding

Slowly but surely I'm trying to introduce new textures and variety into Max's BLW diet. Weaning for us has been a slow process as Max loves his milk a bit too much but we're making progress by letting him enjoy exploring with his food.

Do you have any suggestions on what we could add to our 'foods we will be trying soon' list?