Wednesday, 15 March 2017

What My Kid Wore Wednesday #1

I may have tripped and fallen into Gap and purchased some new bits for Emmie (opps!) The weathers finally warming up so it was only a matter of time I'd end up shopping for Spring/Summer outfits for the little ones. I'm working on one child at a time because quite frankly I'm rubbish at multitasking and I'm really drawn to little girls clothing at the moment. I think it's because I've dressed a boy for 3 years I'm just super excited to have a little girl to dress. I thought I'd link up to my chummy's This Mama Life's new linky What My Kid Wore Wednesday 
1. because I love a linky and 
2. I'm obsessed with clothes shopping for Max and Emmie, so it only made sense I join. 

Right so let me tell you more about Emmie's cute little outfit.

I'm obsessed with denim jackets and I think everyone should have one in their wardrobe. It's such a staple piece and can go with pretty much any outfit. I think Emmie will get a lot of wear out of it especially during Spring time. I can't wait to see what she looks like in a little denim jacket. So cute! 

I've been on the hunt for little shorts or bloomers for Emmie and when I saw these cute floral bubble shorts I just had to get them. Emmie will again get a lot of wear out of these because I can pair them with tights for now as it's still quite cool and without tights for the warmer summer months. I also like the fact that it's a dark floral pattern and not overly too girly as I do try to stay away from pink as much as possible, simply because I don't think it suits her very much.

These basic tops are just great, they go with everything and can be used to make up several different outfits. I adore the frilly shoulder detail and the t shirt seems to be made from good quality material. Gap do these tops in lots of different patterns so I think I may pick up a few more.

I managed to score the above outfit for a total of £34. GAP have an awesome 30% sale going on and I also used their app and got a further 5% off. Absolute bargain x

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

6-12 Month Baby Must Haves

With Emmie fast approaching the big F I R S T birthday I thought I would put together our must have items for the 6-12 month baby stage. I think this stage in the first year is extremely important. Your baby is sitting up, weaning, learning to crawl or walk and there's so many things that can help assist your baby with these wonderful milestones. So without further ado lets get stuck in.

Teething is the bane of every parents life! Emmie really suffers with teething and I try to find ways to help soothe her sore gums. On my quest to find pain relief I found she loved sucking on breast milk ice lollies. These moulds are perfect for little ones because they have a handle so there easy to hold and are the perfect amount to soothe swollen gums. 

Easy to transport and easy to clean these bibs have been a staple item since having Max. I now use them for Emmie when we're out and about or at home. They collect mess which is always a bonus and really are the only bib you'll ever need apart from the ones I mention below. 

We used the Angelcare bath support from Newborn to 6 months, we then upgraded to the Angelcare bath seat once Emmie was able to sit up on her own. This seat provides the right level of support and comfort and is anti slip. I would definitely recommend this particular bath seat as I used a different type with Max and he was so uncomfortable in it and used to slip around which isn't great.

With Max I must have tried every beaker under the sun in hope to ditch the bottles. Thankfully this time around I came across the miracle trainer cup by Munchkin. It has a 360 degree drinking edge which eliminates spills and automatically seals when your baby stops drinking. It has handles so it's easy to hold, easy to clean with no extra parts and I think it looks good! You can get them in pink or green as well as blue I believe.

At around 9 months I started serving Emmie's lunch and dinners on these cute apple plates instead of placing her food directly onto her highchair table. These plates are great because they have dividers and the design is super cute and at £4.99 for a pack of three plates I think that's a bargain!

If you're after convenience then you need these bibs. I've found them great for travelling and when you're out and about. There just so handy to have in your changing bag, they also fasten securely and have a little pouch to collect food spillages. You get 20 in a pack.

If you're an expectant mother and you want to baby wear you need two types of slings in your life. A wrap sling for newborn to 6 months and then an Ergobaby carrier for when your baby is a little heavier. I've used this carrier without a doubt every single day since Emmie turned 6 months. She's a baby that likes to be close to mummy at all times and it makes my life easy having her strapped to me so I can tend to the toddler, clean the house, tidy, cook dinners etc. The things I like about the Ergobaby is it's comfortable for Emmie and most importantly myself as it's me that's doing the carrying. It also puts your baby in the correct sitting position for their hips, pelvis and spine growth.

Emmie watches everything her brother does and in particular when he's eating so I thought I'd get her her own cutlery set. I went for this one because it has chunky soft grip handles and lightweight to hold. She seems to be really enjoying feeding herself even if sometimes it's a bit hit and miss. 

Any sort of stacking games Emmie absolutely adores and goes mad for. She loves it when I stack the cups up so she can knock them down. She's desperately trying to master putting the rings through the white base and it's really cute to watch. We can spend hours playing stacking games which is brilliant because it means she's rarely bored if we're having a stay at home day.

Another fun activity we like doing is reading. Ems loves anything that's touchy feeling and she really enjoys the repetition of 'that's not my..' I find reading is a great way of getting both children to play and Max loves to read to Emmie, it's his favourite thing to do at the moment.

Since Emmie has started crawling we've had to pack away our jumperoo, much to my disappointment. The next best thing is a ball pit, it's fun and a safe place for her to play. I can pop her in and she's free to move around whilst being contained as we haven't really baby proofed the house properly yet. It also means she's far away from Max and his toys so he can play happily too! The only negative is the balls end up everywhere which doesn't help the OCD in me.

We used this walker with Max and it's because of this walker he learnt how to walk. It comes with gorgeous building blocks which aren't brightly coloured or garish, which is always a massive bonus for me. The walker not only does its job it looks pretty and is definitely one to keep for years to come. Max still plays with it now and he's almost 3!

Sorting shapes has quickly become one of Emmie's favourite playtime activities.  We particularly enjoy this Cookie Shape Sorter by Fisher-Price. It's entertaining but yet educational, it has a glowing red nose that senses your baby's hand movements and 2 different modes which teach baby about shapes and numbers. It's currently reduced down to £11.99 so grab one soon!

So that's all of our favourites at the moment. What are your 6-12 month baby must haves?


Monday, 27 February 2017

February Favourites 

I decided to buy this book towards the end of January because I was bored of cooking the same old dinners and lunches for Max and Emmie. This cookbook is brilliant if you're after quick nutritious meals for your little ones and even the family. I've used a lot of these recipes and they've gone down a treat even with the fussy toddler who rarely eats vegetables. I can highly recommend the cottage pie it's delicious! 

Not going to lie I've worn these trainers pretty much everyday. There super comfortable and perfect for mummy days when you're running around the park with the kiddies. There stylish and work well with every outfit whether it's a casual sweater and jeans or shirt/jumper combo. For £45 I think there affordable and you will definitely get your wear out of them. 

Another item of clothing I've worn everyday! This jacket is lightweight but also provides me with the right level of warmth. I love that it comes with a small pouch so I can roll it up and carry it with me just in case I decide it's warm enough to not need a jacket which has only happened the once! 

I will honestly never use another hand cream again after using this one. This Winter I've really suffered with sore, chapped dry hands which really is quite painful. This hand cream is so creamy and rich, it really does protect and nourish my hands after every application. I tend to slather my hands in the stuff before bed and carry a handy travel sized one in my bag for when I'm out and about. What surprises me the most about this hand cream is it's so thick and rich but it absorbs really well and doesn't leave behind that annoying oily residue. 

I've been after a luxury watch for what feels like a lifetime. I've been using my Daniel Wellington watch for a while and I wanted something fancier, something I could wear on special occasions etc. Then I came across the TAG Carrera and I fell in love. It has diamonds, a mother of pearl face and is absolutely stunning on. I try to stop myself from wearing it everyday as it really is a special piece and should be saved for special occasions but I just can't help myself!

This little ring had been tucked up away in my jewellery box and completely forgotten about until I had a good old clear up and minimalism session in my bedroom. This gorgeous ring was my push present for when I gave birth to Max.

Bloggers made me do it! After seeing this toothbrush being used by every blogger and vlogger I just had to see what all the hype was about but at £280 there was noway I was going to spend that sort of money on a toothbrush until I saw it half price in Boots and I just couldn't resist. I'm so glad I did because my teeth haven't felt cleaner or whiter since using it. It comes with so many cool features and the one I've been loving the most is the app. Once your toothbrush is connected to your phone via bluetooth the app will tell you where to brush and how long for. This has made me brush my teeth for the recommended time paying close attention to every part of my mouth. If you're in the market for a toothbrush definitely give this one a try. Oh and the battery life is incredible! 

I'm not going to bore you with this one because everyone and their mum has heard or used the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I think I've now been through about 8 bottles of this stuff. Hands down the best cleanser to get rid of all your make up and dirt from the day leaving your skin smooth and radiant. I need to go and purchase my 9th bottle as I've now squeezed every last drop from it!

I'm a lover of lipsticks and especially matte ones as there long lasting, I suck at re applying make up in the day. I particularly love the NYX soft matte lip creams and must own every colour! The colour I've been wearing the most is the shade Cannes. It's the perfect daytime nude and really seems to brighten my face.

So that's all my favourites for this month, what have you been enjoying in February? I'm always after new products etc to try xx

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Emmie's 9 Month Update

It's been a while since I updated my blog so I wanted to first start off with an update on how my little Emmie Jane is doing seeing as she's now 9 months old! How did that happen?! I feel like after the 6 month milestone the next big one before their 1st birthday is 9 months. I think that's because they've now been in the world longer than it took you to grow them! A lot has changed in the last couple of months so here we go..

I have no idea what weight Emmie is! The last time I had her weighed was when she was 6 months old. It's really funny because with Max I was fixated on his weight but this time around I'm so relaxed. Weaning is going brilliantly, she nurses every 4 hours and she's a happy little baby so I know she's getting all she needs.

Emmie's routine is really hit and miss and I think that's due to the dreaded 'second child' syndrome. She has to try and get naps in as and when she can because we're usually at playgroups, the park or doing the pre school run. If I can get her down at home she naps in her cot morning at around 9.30am and then again after lunch at 1pm. She then goes down after her bath at 7pm and generally wakes up at 4am for a feed (I usually bring her into our bed at this point) and then back down until 7am or when Max decides to come into our bed and cause havoc, toddlers! I really need to start feeding her in her bedroom for the 4am wake ups instead of bringing Ems into our bed to feed. Such an annoying habit but I'm so tired at 4am all I want to do is cuddle up and fall back to sleep.  

We've been weaning for a while now and this little girl absolutely adores food just like her brother did at this age. She will wolf down pretty much everything I give her, unless she's teething or poorly, in which case she'll want to nurse instead of eat solids. She won't take purees so we've been doing blw which is going great. She loves to feed herself and I'm really relaxed about it all this time around. With Max I was petrified of choking but these babies have brilliant gag reflexes and now she has her two little bottom teeth she's able to break down food easily. In terms of milk I'm still breastfeeding which I'm completely shocked about. I think I lasted all of two weeks with Max! She really enjoys it and I enjoy the snuggles I get with her whilst feeding, it's our special time to bond! I did try and get her to take a bottle so I could enjoy a little freedom but she won't have it so she's on the boob until she's ready to wean herself. 

Ems has been in 9-12 month clothing for a couple of weeks now. I need a shopping trip soon to buy all her spring/summer bits which I am SO excited for! I'm trying my best to stick with what we have until the weather decides to sort itself out. Come on Spring! 

Ems is now waving and says 'Hiiiiii' which is just adorable. She does it all the time especially in the morning when she wakes up. She's also crawling and will stand if I get her into the standing position. Which is crazy because Max didn't crawl until 10 months and walk until 20 months! She's really into stacking blocks and cups and basically any of Max's toys. She loves playing peekaboo and she is obsessed with our Dyson handheld hoover! 

I think that's all I have to update you on at the moment. I'll be posting another baby update when she turns 1 which will be here before you know it, which makes me SO sad because she's definitely our last little baby so I need to make the most of these last few months of having a little bubba. I'll definitely get broody once she turns 1, I just need to convince Freddie for a 3rd baby, HA!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Christmas At Kew & Happy New Year

Having heard so many fabulous recommendations about Christmas at Kew from friends and family we decided we would book and come and see for ourselves. We managed to get a hold of tickets for New Years Eve and we were so happy we did. Gone are the days of staying up until the early hours celebrating New Years with friends (for now anyway!) Christmas at Kew meant we could get out of the house in the evening and celebrate with our little ones. 

Christmas at Kew has so much and for everyone, there's the trial which is animated with over 60,000 lights, karaoke, mulled wine, hot chocolates, marshmallows for toasting over the burning fire and lots of yummy food stalls that sell burgers, hot dogs and chips etc. For younger ones there's a Victorian carousel, helter skelter, Santa and his elves and so much more! 

I took my new Olympus Pen camera to capture the evening.

To anyone who's interested in going to see Christmas at Kew in 2017 make sure you do! It's absolutely amazing and truly magical, we will definitely be going back this year. 

I hope everyone has had a lovely first day in 2017, I just can't believe 2016 has been and gone! It has been one of the best years of my life and I can't wait to see what 2017 brings for me and my family. We have a busy year ahead with our wedding and trying to find and buy our new house but we're so excited and ready so bring it!



Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

I hope I'm not the only one but I really do find it tough buying for Freddie. He never seems to want anything or has a list of things he's lusting over, me on the other hand has a Pinterest board and a list on my phone ready to go at a moments request! I've basically put together gifts that I would want to receive if I was a man. So lets get started..

Scotch and Soda Leather Toiletry Bag. It comes in a choice of three different colours and is made from real leather. It has a large zip-open compartment and an extra inner pocket. I love the design of this bag and I think it's understated and stylish at the same time. 

Happy Socks. I absolutely love these socks! Bold colours, funky patterns and amazing quality. You can either buy a pair or a gift set which includes four pairs in a dark blue origami style gift box. The socks are made from combed cotton so there breathable and super comfortable.

Body Shops Modern Gents Shaving Kit. With Movember out of the way it's time to treat him to a smart shaving kit. This Body Shop one includes a Maca Root Shaving Cream, Maca Root Razor Relief and a Cruelty free Shaving Brush.

Multi Tool. To be honest there's not much I know about a multi tool but what I do know is every man should own one. There especially handy for all the blue jobs round the house!

Bose Bluetooth Headphones. Freddie has a long commute into London and back which totals up to 2 hours of travel a day. I think these Bose headphones would make the perfect Christmas present as one of his main presents. Crisp powerful sound, enhanced microphone system for clear calls in wind, rain or noisy environments all wireless and using bluetooth. The headphones also benefit from having up to 15 hours of playtime before they need a charge.

Barbour Scarf & Gloves Gift Box. I love Barbour for mens scarves and gloves in particular this set which has a gorgeous tartan print and is made from 100% lambswool. There really isn't much to say about this gift as I think it's an easy win and I'm sure Freddie and most other men would love it!

Tom Ford For Men. Have you smelt this scent? If you haven't make your way promptly to your nearest perfume shop. It is absolutely divine! Apparently Tom Ford created this scent to appeal to refined, seductive and sophisticated men (fancy) The fragrance has lemon leaf oil, Italian bergamot, mandarin zest, fresh basil, violet and ginger notes coupled with deep amber and cedar wood to give it a rich and exotic smell. I would bathe in this stuff if I could.

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield. I wear my Daniel Wellington watch pretty much everyday and what's not cuter than gifting one to your man so you can have matching his and her watches. The Sheffield has a darker leather strap and can be chosen in either rose gold or silver hardware. Daniel Wellington watches make the perfect gift because there minimalistic and a timeless piece that will never go out of fashion. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Why is this so hard?

Everyday on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and in general day to day life I see these incredible mums who have tidy houses, children in clean clothes, healthy meals on the table and I'm here running around like a headless chicken trying to get my 2.5 year old to eat a piece of broccoli whilst the screaming baby (who's been in her jumperoo for the last 20 minutes) screams wanting to be held. I never imagined how hard this whole mother of two children would be. I mean I see mums of two everyday and they look happy, like they've got their shit under control, some of them even have two or more kids! WTF! Why? How? I spend my waken hours sipping cold tea and coffee (if I even get a chance to make it) a toddler who wants mummy to play with him, a baby who constantly wants feeding, then there's nappy changes, weaning, a house that needs tidying, laundry baskets that are constantly always over flowing, a dryer full of clothes that need putting away, a washing machine with wet clothes that need to be put in the dryer but will stay there for a couple of days before needing to be re washed again, an empty fridge because I never have time keep putting off doing the food shop. Bloody hate the food shop! Sometimes I wonder if I put too much pressure on myself to be perfect that it all falls apart because I'm not dedicating myself to anything I'm just half heartedly completely day to day tasks. All I want is the perfect balance. Why is this so hard?

 I've heard it gets easier as the second baby gets older and can join in on activities with the older child but to be honest I'm dreading it. I can already see how different both my children are. Max is boisterous and wants to rough play whilst reenacting Spider-Man scenes he's seen off YouTube. Emmie is a gentle little soul with wants to sit on her own and play and hates it when Max interferes. They may love and adore each other but boy their already having arguments and upsets that cause all hell to break loose. I feel like I'm constantly saying 'Max leave your sister alone' 'Play nicely you two' 'Can we share our toys please' it's draining and just not fun. 

I feel like this is such a negative post but sometimes you just have to let it all out. I love my children more than anything in the world it's just hard sometimes to really understand what it is you're meant to be doing. Shall I lay on the floor and play cars with Max whilst the housework builds up. Shall I feed Emmie to sleep for 45 minutes whilst Max is on his own and needing me too. I really do hope this gets easier. I want to enjoy both my children but it's difficult when their both at different developmental milestones and their needs and wants are so far apart. If I could split myself in two I would. I don't want you to think I'm not grateful for my children because I am, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, I have everything I've ever wanted. A roof over our heads, two healthy children, Freddie who's an amazing dad and fiancé. It's just tough at the moment especially in the sleep deprived state I'm in, I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a full nights sleep, if ever since Emmie was born. In a few days, weeks, months, years when I look back on this post I'm hoping I'll think to myself it does get better, it does get easier and it's okay not to be perfect. I hope I would have found the perfect balance even if sometimes it did mean the housework had to suffer or feeding the kids chicken nuggets and chips more than I'd like to. I think every stage of motherhood has it's ups and downs and I just hope there's an UP coming my way very soon.

And breathe...

How did you find the transition from one to two children 6 months in?